Together with a friend, I did a tour to Hoher Ifen in Austria, which is the most famous mountain in Kleinwalsertal.

KML File of the tour: ifen.kml

After climbing up to Hoher Ifen, it is possible to go back to the starting point via Schwarzwasserhütte and the corresponding valley. Its a great tour, unfortunately we had lots of clouds and fog all day, therefore we could not enjoy the view, which is supposed to be astonishing on top.

Climbing up and down the plateau, where the summit is located, is quite challenging and requires some hiking experience, and good shoes. Both going up and down is via tightrope walk, and partially, the rope is very close to the ground, which means its more like crouching across the trail.

View from the Top

View from the top, well, imagine there are no clouds.

At the crag

Right next to the crag.

Ifen plateau

Behind the clouds, the plateau is supposed to be.