• Unit Testing with Google Test in Bazel

    Google Test is a well-established framework for unit tests in C++. It provides lots of features and can be used to write tests for own classes and their methods. Its integration in Bazel build system works quite well, with the benefit that it is not necessary to copy Google Test source files into the own repository or use Git submodules, as Google Test’s repository is downloaded on demand by Bazel during the build process. In this blog post, I will describe how REL uses Google Test. This approach can easily be transferred to every C++ development project that uses Bazel as build system.

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  • Building and Testing C++ Python Modules with Bazel

    While working on REL, I learned a lot about Bazel and its usage as build system in open source projects. In a series of blog posts, I will share these learnings and describe different approaches. Today’s blog post addresses the integration of C++-based Python modules into Bazel and the modelling of dependencies towards the corresponding Python-based tests.

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  • REL - Requirements Engineering Language

    In the last couple of weeks, I have been working on an open source project called REL - Requirements Engineering Language. Its core is a domain specific language, which enables requirements engineers to define a so called requirements model. The model contains type definitions and enumerations, which are then used to formally describe the actual “content”, i.e. the requirements written by developers. All data resides in text files, which can be committed into a git repository. Besides the DSL, the REL framework contains a (partially completed) implementation of the language server protocol, to get IDE support for the language, and python integration. For more technical details about the framework, have a look at the on Github or the still growing developer’s guide.

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  • Website Relaunch

    I finally re-enabled my website, after couple of years being disabled. In future, I plan to publish technical articles related to technology, mostly computer science, and maybe some related fields.

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